LLRCC Safety Policy and Management Procedures


POLICY  The club through its committee will endeavour to ensure that all club activities are carried out in a manner safe to its members and the general public. This will be set out in the Policy and Management Procedures Document and the Safety/Etiquette Rules Document.


The Committee will approve all policies, procedures and rules. They will amend these as required.

The Disciplinary Sub-Committee will review cases where a member has ignored rules/etiquette and take appropriate action.

The Safety Officer will

  • Propose policies, procedures and rules for the committee’s approval
  • Ensure communication of the two documents to club members
  • Ensure that practical training sessions are undertaken to reinforce understanding of rules
  • Investigate all serious accidents especially where medical treatment is required or a third party is involved.
  • Produce an accident report outlining any training or rule changes needed to prevent a recurrence.
  • Be a member of disciplinary committee
  • Ensure all club Sportives and TT events have been risk assessed in line with Cycling Ireland guidelines. If unable to do this, the committee will appoint a deputy.
  • Ensure rules/etiquette documents are available at Brennans for briefing guestsAll Club Members will
  • Be responsible for reading and understanding the two documents
  • Follow the safety rules and etiquette
  • Advise other members, who are not following the safety rules, of their actions in a courteous manner.
  • Advise a member of the disciplinary committee if the member has not responded to their advice

Sunday Team Guides

  • Will NOT be specifically responsible for safety.
  • It is the responsibility of an individual member to enquire about details of the route in advance and personally decide whether they have the skills required and are happy with the road conditions on the day.
  • The Team Guide will determine the route and use their judgment as to overall group/peloton formation and advise individuals of any breaches of safety rules and etiquette where required

The Committee will through Cycling Ireland insure all members of the committee and Team Guides against legal action and will give full support in the case of any action.

Individual Club Members MUST be insured through Cycling Ireland with their own licence. Regular guests will require some form of Public Liability insurance e.g. CTC or UCI affiliated. A Member introducing a guest on a Sunday Ride must ensure the guest reads the Safety Rules/Etiquette.