Follow the Highway Code at all times including traffic lights and road signs.


  • Ride two abreast with about 1 to 2 feet between shoulders
  • Ride about 1 to 2 feet from wheel in front of you
  • Do not overlap with wheel ahead of you
  • On call “change up” , the outer rider moves forward one bike length
  • Group rotates anti clockwise and in a smooth manner
  • When switching lanes indicate to other riders
  • When instruction called riders should change to single file
  • Never pass on the inside or between two riders
  • Keep brakes covered and brake smoothly
  • Never ride without any hands on handlebars
  • Regroup in a safe place at far side of crossroads or T junctions
  • Do not race on club runs including for 30 mph road signs
  • If someone is dropped off back inform front of group
  • Do not freewheel at front going downhill or accelerate uphill
  • Bear in mind the ability of others in group and adjust speed accordingly


  • “Car up” or “Car behind” if a car approaches from behind
  • “Car down” or “Car ahead” if a car approaches from the front
  • “Hole”, “Mud,” “Gravel” etc. and point downwards at hazard on road
  • “On Left/Right” for hazards at roadside
  • “Braking” or “Stopping” and raise arm if possible
  • “Clear” at junctions when safe but following cyclist should still make own judgment
  • “Clear Behind” when at rear of peloton and front is turning right
  • “Moving Left/Right” and give hand signal when moving off line or changing lane


  • Well secured and fastened cycling helmets are mandatory
  • Powerful front/back lights and Hi-Viz tops are strongly recommended especially in poor light
  • Ensure your bike is properly serviced and roadworthy
  • Back mudguards are strongly recommended for the benefit of your colleagues
  • Carry spare tube or puncture kit, tyre levers, pump and waterproof jacket
  • Carry food, water, cash and basic first aid
  • Carry mobile phone and ID/contact details when cycling aloneGENERAL
  • Report circumstances of accident requiring medical attention or 3rd Party involvement to Safety Officer as soon as possible
  • Do not use abusive behaviour to members of public or colleagues
  • Courteously advise colleagues if they commit any serious breaches of safety rules
  • CI insurance is compulsory for members and any affiliated UCI insurance for regular guests.